The NISS Group is dedicated to protecting
people & assets

In the ever accelerating  and evolving world, security becomes a crucial topic both privately, publicly and at governmental levels.

Medical equipments and devices, luxury goods, manufacturing and other value added products are increasingly affected by fraud, counterfeiting and theft. It is essential for the industries to be able to trace the origin of goods in order to guarantee their authenticity and to be able to track them.

The NISS Group believes in providing our customers with secure, seamless and sustainable solutions using the latest technology.

Delivering customized solutions with excellence

The NISS Group aims at providing the least disruptive solution although delivering the most sophisticated technology.  The group works in coordination with its partners in order to create customized and optimized solutions.

  • Use the most secure technologies to protect people & assets
  • Invest in innovation to develop uninfringeable technologies
  • Patent technologies to ensure highest level of protection
  • Offer customized security solutions and seamlessly integrate them into the industrial process
  • Select specialized partners to develop creative solutions

The company & the team

Founded in 2012

The NISS Group SA is a Swiss company created to answer global security challenges and address the fast growing counterfeit market.

Our team dynamic fosters close collaborations; linking customers through marketing, with product designers down to our engineers and scientific experts:

  • Our know-how combines 200 years experience across the scientific and engineering domains to deliver value-added solutions with latest advances in technology.
  • Experience integrating system to customers production facilities and supply chain networks
  • Our creative spirit, "be one step ahead" approach and continual strive for improvement is a 24 hour passion of our global team.

Located all over the world

We are committed in building strong business relationships with our customers and partners around the world. Being in the best geographic locations is key to our company growth.

The NISS Group has offices in world-class innovation and business regions such as Switzerland, Australia and Singapore.